New Asphalt FAQ

A Completed New Asphalt Pave Drive

How To Care For New Asphalt Drive

When you have a new asphalt drive installed you’ll want to keep it in excellent condition so it will endure for years. To do so you’ll need to stay aware of common issues like tire tracks, divots, and oil spots that can damage your asphalt or cause it to look unsightly. Other things to consider include weather and the weight of vehicles that will travel on the drive. Large construction equipment or garbage collection trucks can completely destroy even some of the thickest asphalt drives and should be kept off them. When you need maintenance for your new asphalt drive in Downingtown PA 19335, PA get in touch with the professionals at Pennsylvania Paving Company by calling 484-924-8570.

Common Problems With Asphalt Drives

If you want your asphalt drive to last a long time, you’ll want to look out for these common problems and issues.

  • Tire tracks: Tire tracks can occur in heat-softened asphalt, so try to avoid making sharp or tight turns. Little can be done about tire tracks other than waiting for them to fade over time.
  • Divots from power steering: Avoid turning your steering wheel when your vehicle is parked, especially on a hot summer day, as this will create divots.
  • Heavy construction gear: If at all possible, try to keep any construction vehicles or equipment like concrete trucks off your asphalt as they can seriously damage it. If it’s unavoidable, have them drive on it when it’s coolest, such as in the early morning or evening.  
  • Parking campers, boats, and trailers: When parking vehicles like campers, boats, and trailers on asphalt, you want to put plywood under the tires so the weight is spread evenly. This will prevent divots and swales from forming in the asphalt.
  • Oil spots and fuel spills: Generally, oil and regular gas rarely harm asphalt, as long as they’re cleaned up quickly. Left untreated, oil can soften asphalt. Never, however, spill diesel fuel on asphalt, as it quickly dissolves the asphalt binders and will result in a hole.
  • Low areas: A low spot that is more than ¼-inch deep can be a problem that needs to be fixed by Pennsylvania Paving Company. 
  • Salt and other ice-melting products: Products like salt used to melt ice will not harm asphalt but can stain it if the material isn’t cleaned quickly. 
  • Snow removal with snowplows: Care must be taken when removing snow with snowplows. Tires with chains must not be spun in place or deep grooves can be cut into the asphalt.
  • Moving vans and Garbage trucks: Heavy vehicles like moving vans and garbage trucks can cause severe damage to asphalt. Keep these vehicles off the drive if at all possible.


Your New Asphalt

Anytime you have questions or concerns about your new asphalt drive in Downingtown PA 19335, PA, never hesitate to get in touch with Pennsylvania Paving Company. We can be reached at 484-924-8570.